Photography Lingo - Decoded:

As photographers we live and breath photography and sometimes we forget that everyone doesn't live in our world.... our lingo couldn't be more confusing


Culling - The act of going through all the images and just selecting the best of the best.  We promise this will make your life easier and its a HUGE service that we provide for you.  When you receive your gallery you will have the absolute best images from your session. 

Digital Image - Our digital images are fully edited, full resolution & ready to print.  Each image represents a single shot our photographers take. Your gallery will have multiple digital images. 

Gallery - Is the place online you will go to download the edited images from your session, we provide you a link within 10 business days of the session

High Resolution - This is the resolution our camera's shoot at.  We are not making the images smaller... seriously you should be able to print wall size images from these!

Session - Full - 60 minute outdoor session at one of our favorite locations; May include multiple adults and up to 4 kids.

Session - Mini - 30 minute outdoor session at one of our favorite locations; May include one adult and up to 4 kids. 

Sneak Peek - We provide web-ready sneak peeks within 3 business days of your shoot.... Yay! These images will have our logo on them for sharing on social media.  When your full gallery is released your images will NOT have logos on them.  Our peeks help to drive excitement from your session as well as they can earn you referral credits towards your next session! Wahoo! 


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